Meet the Wine Makers

Join us in our cellar, in the heart of our wine shop, where we will get up-close and personal with winegrowers and makers from around the world. Up to 12 guests can enjoy a selection of wine in the intimate, hour-long tastings, with explanations provided by the makers themselves.

Places are limited and bookings are essential. Our forthcoming events include:

Kooyong Wines Producer Tasting £39

20 November 2019

The pastoral charms of the Mornington Peninsula form a backdrop for Kooyong’s vineyard, split into five parcels, several clones and a variety of soils. It is this commitment to single vineyards and individual terroir, that lies at the heart of everything the estate does. Newly-appointed Chief Winemaker Glen Hayley who has worked with Kooyong for six years respects and nurtures the inherent character of each of the gently undulating vineyard sites, with different parts of the vineyard made up from differing percentages of sand, loam and clay soils. It is these distinctions which influence the flavours of the single vineyard wines from each site.

Join us at Comptoir Cafe & Wine on 20

th November for a Kooyong tasting with winemaker; Glen Hayley.

To book email Sabrina Barreiros at sabrina@comptoircw.co.uk or call 0207 499 9800.