Wine experiences

Themed tastings

Every month, we host a couple of tastings, in small groups to share our passion for the fruit of the vine. We like to discuss specific grapes, regions, trends or specific wineries. Some are hosted by our Sommelier, some are with ambassadors and winemakers.

These nights take place in our cellar, in the basement of Comptoir Mayfair.

To have fun, share a glass or two, discover new wines and regions from around the world, please join us and get your ticket via

Loire Valley

19 March 2024

Uncover the elegance of the Loire Valley at Comptoir Café & Wine! Join us for an exclusive wine tasting hosted by an expert at Roberson Wines.

From £45 per person you can enjoy a selection of 6 exquisite wines, each offering a snapshot of the Loire’s less-traveled vineyards – your shortcut to France’s vinicultural splendour, no passport required.


9 April 2024

Embark on a journey through Piedmont’s rich winemaking history as you sample six carefully selected wines, each with its own unique narrative.

From the robust Barolo to the graceful Barbera, immerse yourself in the extraordinary array and outstanding quality of this renowned region. These wines epitomise the unmistakable essence of Italy, marrying elegance with power and offering insight into Piedmont’s opulent heritage and pioneering spirit. Featuring selections from esteemed estates such as Cigliuti Vineyard and the Andrea Oberto Winery, each glass will unveil a story of tradition, innovation, and the timeless allure of Italian viticulture.

Priced at £45 per person.

New events coming soon…

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Private events

Our cellar is also available for private hire ! It is the perfect place for team-bonding sessions, birthday and other celebrations but also business meetings.

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